Friday, October 17, 2008

13 Questions with A.M. Jenkins

Bio: A.M. Jenkins likes Halloween best out of all the holidays. It
requires little work, and the payoff is tons of chocolate.

1) what's your book about?
I've got three out right now that deal with the supernatural:

Night Road ("vampires" take a newbie on a road trip).
Repossessed (demon takes over a teenager's body).
Beating Heart (dead girl stalks living guy).

2) favorite Halloween candy?
Right now, Milky Ways.

3) favorite spooky novel?
For spooky, I like true crime. Nothing says scary to me like serial killers.

4) fangs or fur?
Me personally, I'd be a werewolf. But if I had to choose a romantic
partner, I'd choose a vampire just to be on the safe side. I'm not sure
how much body hair werewolves have normally.

5) Monster Mash, Thriller, or The Time Warp?
Werewolves of London!

6) cape or no cape?
No cape, not nowadays. That's just freakin' weird.

7) Bela Lugosi or Gary Oldman?
Louis Jourdan!

8) Trick or Treat?
Treat (see above, #2)

9) favorite costume?
Anything with fake gore. The gorier the better.

10) favorite scary movie or television show?
Scariest movie ever: The Changeling, with George C. Scott.

11) what really scares you? (like spiders or the dark or whatever)
City ordinances about not wearing saggy pants. I lie awake nights,
terrified that my tax dollars are being used to nag somebody about their

12) what’s your favorite way to spend Halloween night?
Handing out stuff that's not candy, like glow-in-the-dark eyeballs,
while I eat the candy I bought to give out.

13) what’s the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
Having to give a keynote dinner speech to 400 sleepy, full-bellied


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your books. I've read them all and they have all had a profound effect on me and my own writing.

I thought the portrayal of depression in "Damage" was spot on. I loved the book so much I have three copies of it. And I've never seen the second person POV used so well.

I liked "Repossessed" a lot. In fact, I think Jason pretty much stole the show.

I think Cole is one of my favorite vampires, I mean hemes. Any chance of a sequel or a series?

Keep up the great writing. I hope Halloween brings you plenty of Milky Ways. And just remember -"just say yes to baggy pants"

Anonymous said...

This is Chris from above - I had trouble logging in.

A.M. Jenkins said...

Thanks, Chris! Congrats on getting your thesis done and turned in. What was it on?

I've been working on a Night Road "sequel" here and there but it's not ready to be written yet. Cole's story is still too strong in my mind, so I'll have to wait till this new one jells on its own.

Anonymous said...

Take your time - I'll be looking for it when it finally jells.

My thesis was a screenplay, and suddenly I'm coming up empty on explaining what it was about. I suppose I should work on that.

HylianVampire said...

I read your book Repossessed. Wonderful :) I won your book Night Road recently, but still have to read it. I'm sure it's also really good. I've never heard of Beating Heart, but I was wondering if the dead girl is more of a zombie, or a ghost, or neither?

ack! i hope your not one of those candy givers that also gives away those fruit granola bars. haha

I hate to admit it, but when I was reading Repossessed, I didn't realize you were female. I'm glad i was quickly corrected on that mistake. I don't know why I thought you were a guy. Maybe because I had heard that book was more for guys than girls. I'm a girl, and i still love it. Anyway, sorry! haha

A.M. Jenkins said...

"suddenly I'm coming up empty on explaining what it was about."

Chris, I have the same problem describing my stuff. After all, it took me 50K+ words to explain the story in the first place!

HylianVampire, thanks for the compliments!

"I was wondering if the dead girl is more of a zombie, or a ghost, or neither?"

She is a ghost.

"i hope your not one of those candy givers that also gives away those fruit granola bars."

No way! But I've got a neighbor that gives away celery sticks. That tells you everything you need to know about my neighbor.

"when I was reading Repossessed, I didn't realize you were female."

A lot of people think I'm a guy, and that's good because it means my books have been doing their job. I prefer to keep a low profile, so I'm happy to be thought of as a guy.

Thanks again!

HylianVampire said...

yay! i'm going to get Beating Heart. i love ghosts :)

I like to keep low profiles too. a lot of people on the internet think im a guy.

Huizhen Mount said...

Hey A.M.! ... you mean you're not a guy? ;)
And the baggy pants thing? Me too!!! oh good grief, gimme a break! How did "we" dress when "we" were that age? *raises eyebrow*
pah-leeze! I much prefer baggy pants to the tight ones, I mean really!!
And yeah, let's spend our tax money on stupid stuff like that, or, how long your dog's hair is, or, how fat your tires are, or, how short your shorts are etc etc!
Oh, and I liked NIGHT ROAD btw.. :) I got side tracked by the baggy pants, it's just so ridiculus!

Anonymous said...