Friday, October 17, 2008

13 Questions with Marlene Perez

Marlene Perez is the author of DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK. She lives in Orange County, California, where she's always on the lookout for vampires roaming her sunny suburb. So far, she hasn't spotted any.

1) what's your book about?
DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK is the first book in a trilogy.

2) favorite Halloween candy?
mini mint Three Musketeers bars or those mellocreme pumpkins.

3) favorite spooky novel?
LOST BOY LOST GIRL by Peter Straub creeped me out. But my childhood favorite was WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASE by Joan Aiken.

4) fangs or fur?
Fangs. Vamps rule and werewolves drool.

5) Monster Mash, Thriller, or The Time Warp?
It's a tie. I love The Time Warp, but Thriller has Vincent Price doing a voice-over.

6) cape or no cape?
cape. I'm old-school.

7) Bela Lugosi or Gary Oldman?
Gary Oldman! I know Bela Lugosi is the premiere vamp, but Gary Oldman rocked the house as Sid Vicious, Dracula and Sirius Black.

8) Trick or Treat?


9) favorite costume?
Hmm. On me or someone else? My best friend and I (our names both start with M) once dressed up as M&M candies. Not very scary, but fun.

10) favorite scary movie or television show?

TELEVISION SHOW: Buffy, of course

11) what really scares you? (like spiders or the dark or whatever)
Lots of things. I'm a wimp. Spiders, heights, people who don't vote.

12) what’s your favorite way to spend Halloween night?
The people in our neighborhood all hang out together, then a group of parents & kids go trick-or-treating. I stay home and hand out candy. Then after the kids have gorged themselves on chocolate and have crashed, my husband and I watch a movie.

13) what’s the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
When I was growing up, I lived in an old farmhouse that was haunted.


HylianVampire said...

My first name and middle name, and my sisters first name and middle name both begin with M. hhaha i dont know what my parents were thinking. Anyway, they dressed us both as M&Ms, also, when we were smaller. I dont think it was my favorite costume, though.

Well would you rather have a person vote who didn't even know who was running, or they not vote at all? 'Cause if they had no clue who was running, they might end up voting for the worst person.

I'd love to read your book sometime. it looks very interesting

MarPerez said...

Oh, good point! In an ideal world, I'd rather have educated voters, but I think our right to vote is a precious one, so use it!


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Anonymous said...

This looks like a great title! When does it come out?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read this book. But it sounds REALLY good. Maybe I'll go try to hunt it down in the local library; who knows?

QUESTION: I want to become a serious author. Not one the writes childish books with bad characters and awful plots. But an AUTHOR. One who changes peoples lives, and welcomes them to a new perspective of life.

**How can I chase my dream and tackle it to the ground?**

I've got a novel started already. But I'm not sure, once I finish it, that it'll even be worth sending out queries.

Anonymous said...

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